AI + Gaming + SEO = Awesomesauce Ogrmux

Siobhan Braden

Impossible though it may seem there is a firm connection between gaming and SEO not to mention the fact that they both echo the Irish sentiment of fair play above everything else. How is it so – you may ask. Well, my logic to that is since online gaming is based on artificial intelligence and SEO is based on algorithmic reasoning, it is but natural to marry the two and ensure that the outcome features the best of both worlds.

Unlike the popular myth, artificial intelligence does not pertain to a self destructive robot that is out to smash everything in sight to smithereens. In fact, it is anything but the kind of image portrayed by Hollywood movies and concerns every aspect of daily life ranging from washing clothes in a washing machine to withdrawing money from the ATM. Its application in the world of SEO can only mean one thing – complete elimination of black hat techniques and streamlining of an otherwise obscure system of ranking.

As you will read in the forthcoming pages of my website, Google has already incorporated AI into its modus operandi and following are some of the ways in which websites are likely to accrue benefits –

-  Every keyword will be examined in its own specific environment which implies that you will be able to make out how viable it actually is in the particular niche.

- Another implication of this is that websites would need to stay within the niche if they use a particular keyword so as to avoid an error in classification.

Websites would be compelled to rely only on white-hat SEO techniques because even a slightest hint of black-hat methods would be apprehended by the artificial intelligence system, thus result in penalizing of the website.

Being an ardent fan of ‘Call on Duty’, I am pretty excited about the application of artificial intelligence in the world of SEO and that is why decided to create this website. I hope that after having gone through the content you will have appreciated the value of this combination as much as I did and would agree with me that it is indeed the way into the future.

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